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Salt and Pepper Squid - Squid Marinated in Garden Herbs

At HTM, freshly caught squid is one of our favourite types of seafood. Sure it is a fantastic bait to catch a big Jewfish or Kingfish, but just in case that doesn't happen always put a few aside so you don't go home without a feed.

Salt and Pepper Squid (serve 2


2 medium fresh Squid

table spoon salt

Tablespoon Pepper

1 cup flour

olive oil

Squid Marinated in Garden Herbs


2 medium fresh squid

1 small hot chilli

1 garlic clove

3 kaffir lime leafs

A good hand full of basil

olive oil

Salt and Pepper Squid

Grind about a Tablespoon of salt and  pepper into a lock tight bag or 2 Tablespoons of salt and pepper mix into a lock tight bag and add flour and mix

Clean squid and cut bell into rings and add to bag. Shake to coat.

Add olive oil to pan and allow to heat. Add rings and cook until golden brown.

Squid in Marinated Garden Herbs

Grate garlic clove and add finely sliced chilli (leave the seeds if you want the extra kick!)

 Chop the kaffir lime leafs and basil.

Add all herbs and olive oil to a lock tight bag and toss to coat the squid.

Cut the squid bells into rings.

Add some olive oil to a pan allow to heat. Add the squid turning after 2-3 minutes.

Let Squid sit in marinate over night or at least for a few hours