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Goat and Mushrooms Marinated in Kaffir Lime and Fresh Garden Herbs

Goat can be cooked in a shallow pan or BBQ. Mushrooms should be cooked in a small sauce pan.


6 Goat chops

10 medium mushrooms

8 kaffir lime leaves

Bunch of basil

2 Garlic cloves

3 large mild chillies

1 small hot chilli

Cup of olive oil

2 Tablespoons of soy sauce

3 potatoes

1 nice sized sweet potato


Slice mushrooms. Finely chop 6 Kaffir lime leafs and 1 small hot chilli

 (I use a pair of kitchen scissors).


Grate garlic.

Add grated garlic and about 1/3 a cup of olive oil to herbs.


Place mushrooms in small sauce pan, add soy sauce and stir in herb mix, allow to sit.

Take basil leaves and 2 kaffir leaves and chop in bowl with scissors.

Slice large chillies.

Add to bowl with grated garlic and the remaining olive oil.

Pour half the herb mix into a plate and roughly spread around.

Place chops on top.


Press chops on herb mixture to coat.

Pour the remaining mixture over chops and allow to sit for half an hour.


Take potatoes and sweet potatoes and peel.

You will need a 'spiralizer'  like the one shown to make your twisty chips.


Place potatoes in device and turn to make twisty raw chips.


Put enough oil in a pan to cover chips when cooking, cook to crisp and brown.


Place chops on BBQ or fry pan and cook to brown.

Make sure herbs are cooking underneath the chops at all times on both sides



In a small pan cook the mushrooms over medium heat stirring as requiring to prevent burning.


Finally, when serving, make sure you use a great plate! These handmade plates are made by Dawso's wife and jamberoo artist, Jodi Dawson.