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Hunting The Menu


Where hunter-gatherer meets gourmet chef.






Hunting the Menu is a television program where hunter-gatherer meets gourmet chef.


In Hunting the Menu, everything that’s caught is cooked and everything that is cooked is caught.


And yes, it’s a bit edgy, a bit thought provoking. But first and foremost this is show made for television by a producer with almost 30 years experience in the industry.


Corey Wilson has combined his love of the medium with a passion for sustainable living and weaved them together into a beautifully shot, captivating program about turning beasts from the land and waters into everyday meals for the table.




It’s extreme paleo. It’s pure organic.

Brown Trout, prepared and ready to be smoked and made into Hot Smoked Trout Pie




Corey has always wanted to learn and develop the skills needed to hunt and fish for the table. In HTM he teams up with the quietly spoken but intensely passionate hunter, Shane, and a much louder but equally talented chef, Andrew. The Show takes the audience on Corey’s quest to learn how the land and waters can produce sustainable food for homes and kitchen tables everywhere.


Every week Andrew presents Corey and Shane with a menu and, with Shane’s guidance, the two hunt, fish, dive, trap and spear their way across the country in search of the primary ingredients for each dish.


On land, the two mates shoot feral pigs, goats, deer, wild cattle, even peacock. In the water they fish, trap yabbies, dive for Abalone, and catch an array of marine creatures demonstrating along the way not just the sustainability and environmental benefits but also the health advantages of this extreme organic eating.


Always with the welfare of the animal first and foremost, Corey, and through him our audience, learns which animals to take and how to take them, where to take them from and which ones to leave behind. He then hands over to Andrew to cook up the menu – a mix of everything from the humble everyday to the uniquely extravagant.


Corey sighting in 22 caliber rimfire rifle

Corey Wilson – The Host and Producer


Corey was raised on a diet of mum’s home made lamingtons and dad’s boyhood tales of catching rabbits to feed the eleven-strong Wilson clan and selling pelts for pocket money.


His two great loves are television and fishing. He rarely leaves home without a rod and he shares his dad’s passion for the simple life. When he’s not fishing or making television he can be found trawling property websites in search of a river property in a never ending quest to get as far from the daily grind as possible.


Born and bred in regional NSW surrounded by the green fields and dairy cows of Kiama and its surrounds, Corey transitioned to the big smoke of Wollongong as an 18 year old starting his career with WIN Television before joining Network Ten as an online editor. He returned to WIN in 2009 as the Producer of Fishing Australia where he spent five years traveling Australia in search of the best fish, the best spots and the best shots.


With more than two decades in the television industry, Corey has a wealth of experience spanning the full spectrum of television including camera operation, editing, producing, directing and script writing across news, documentaries, feature programs, commercials, outside broadcasts, events and corporate videos.


From many years coaching others from behind the camera, Corey moves up front for Hunting the Menu.


Host and Producer Hunting the Menu

Shane Simpson - The Hunter


Shane Simpson believes that you can’t be a cook without being a hunter and you can’t be a hunter without being a cook. As far as Shane is concerned the two acts are intrinsically intertwined and one should not be done without the other.


Shane spent his childhood foraging around the properties of relatives. He trained as a chef owning and managing multiple award winning restaurants on the south coast while simultaneously continuing to pursue his passion for guiding and teaching people how to correctly hunt and gather in the Australian bush.


As far as Shane is concerned sustainable hunting is not a new concept. It’s been a way of life for indigenous populations throughout the world for thousands of years. It’s a simple idea that any of us can live by: don’t catch what you can’t cook and don’t cook what you can’t catch.


A serial fisherman, for the last five years Shane has owned his own hunting/camping/fishing store in Wollongong. But he is most comfortable away from the bright lights on the family farm located in the southern tablelands of NSW.


Hunting Professiona, award winning Chef for Hunting the Menu

Andrew Dawson - The Chef


Paddy Dawson once said: “everything tastes better on the right plate in the right place”. Andrew says Hunting the Menu is the right place to be at the right time.


Andrew grew up in an environment where nothing came from a packet or a tin and everything was cooked from scratch. As a young boy he caught eels in the creeks and long grass around the dairy and quickly worked out that eels weren’t much good as pets but, cooked the right way, they were pretty tasty.


And he was quick to share his findings in the newsletter he had started on an old upright Underwood typewriter, a stack of butcher’s paper and a box or carbon paper sufficient to satisfy his modest print run.


Having taken up surfing Andrew gravitated to Australia where, as a journalist, he was not a bad cold larder chef opening a restaurant, Rafters, on the far south coast of New South Wales in 1975 the only strictly fresh food restaurant at the time in Australia.


After being briefly lured back to Journalism Andrew became a founding member of the Wine Press Club and returned to food part-time, opening Dawson’s Bar and Grill with his rock and roll catering sister Cressida, during a short stint in Sydney before the over abundance of younger, sassier cooks came through, he returned to reporting based in and around Asia as the Hong Kong based Asia Bureau Chief for FTV.


Andrew is Hunting the Menu's Chef


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